Tech helps millennials feel “ready” to have a baby

Lots has been written about the complexities of the “me generation” joining the workforce, but perhaps even more terrifying, millennials are now becoming parents. As a job-hopping, globe-trotting millennial myself, the idea of committing to caring for a tiny human on a rigid schedule is scary.

A whopping 78% of millennials value experiences over things, causing us to splurge on trips to Europe rather than a mini-mansion in the burbs. (Copenhagen for Noma’s relaunch, anyone?) For millennials, 45% of travel is last minute, 46% is booked on a cell phone, and 98% is posted to social media.  Guilty, guilty, and guilty.


I’m the girl who always said, “I’m not ready to have kids yet,” because my pre-baby bucket list was a never ending collection of NatGeo Instagram bookmarks, NY Times 36 Hours articles, and Chef’s Table inspired dinner reservations.

As a newly married 31-year-old woman, I’ve accepted that my maternal alarm clock and dinner reservations at Hisa Franko are double booked.  I no longer feel like a day will come when I’ve “seen it all” and am ready to hunker down in my cul-de-sac and let my passport expire. I’m going to have to learn how to be ME and be MOM at the same time, if I’m ever going to feel ready to have a baby.  So I started FlyBaby, to support women who might be feeling the same way.

FlyBaby, launching early 2018, delivers rental baby gear across the US, empowering moms everywhere to take the plunge.  It’s like Uber for cribs, strollers, and the like. The first plunge might be a short road trip to grandma’s house, or hopping a plane to San Francisco. Or something even bigger, like having a baby in the first place!


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