Why I started a baby travel company, with no kids

I have a degree in engineering and spent my twenties doing the corporate thing. My LinkedIn page was my greatest source of pride, and while I always secretly wanted to be an entrepreneur, I struggled to jump off the corporate ladder. I just told myself I was lucky to have a role at a top tier company that paid to fly me around the world.

Travel was always something I prioritized, as do 78% of millennials, so this was a big lure of my job as a young woman. My midwestern parents urged me to live life fully before I had kids, and travel while I still could.  I spent my twenties flying to all the places I could, and doing all the things I could do “before I had babies.” Near the top of that to do list, somewhere between Tokyo and Budapest, was also having my own business.


Now, I’m 31 years old, and still waiting for that perfect time to have a baby. In fact, many women are waiting until later to start a family (the average age of first-time-moms is currently 27), choosing to focus instead on careers or adventures. But in my not-too-old age, I realized that travel is no longer a single check on the bucket list, but an integrated part of my identity that I didn’t want to lose. For years, my wanderlust and my independence seemed in direct competition with my maternal clock.

That’s why I am so thrilled to launch FlyBaby.  A brilliant idea by my sister-in-law, upon taking her first-born on a cross country trip. Like me, she was a carry-on-only type of gal, and was frustrated with the process of packing and checking baby gear. I watched in horror, feeling that gap between my wanderlust and maternal clock growing wider. Then she said, “There needs to be an app for this.”

Of course! I had tacos delivered to my door an hour ago. A pack ‘n play should be significantly easier to deliver than hot, delicious tacos. Even my kitty litter comes monthly from Amazon to my front porch.  Why weren’t moms using technology to make travel easier?

FlyBaby, launching early 2018, is a baby gear marketplace that leverages a partner network to deliver strollers, cribs, and more to families traveling across the US. More than that, it’s a tech startup that values a woman’s perspective and her talents. It’s a network of delivery partners who want to earn money but still have time for family. And it’s an app, for the millennial mother who wants to maintain a jetset lifestyle.

FlyBaby is not just not about babies; it’s about women empowering other women to be independent and fulfilled, in whatever capacity they choose.


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