Traveling Diaper Bag Essentials

As a mom, one of the biggest pain points of travelling is the plane ride. I know that when we first started traveling with Ash, I was so nervous about the airplane trip. Sitting in the same seat for 4 hours with a screaming, bored baby made me want to cry too. To make your plane ride a little bit more tolerable (dare I say enjoyable?), I thought I would breakdown our diaper bag from our recent travels with Ash.


Jujube diaper bag - I love this diaper bag! It is a backpack diaper bag so I am hands free, has plenty of organizational pockets and the side pockets are insulated to keep bottles cool enough for the whole plane ride! Score!!


Bibs/ Extra Kickee Pants - blowouts, spit ups, meltdowns...they still happen on airplanes. Dont forget a change of clothes for you too! :) We always let Ash fly in Kickee pants: they are so comfy, super cute, no need worry about socks or pants, and easy for us when changing diapers on the airplane!


Bottles/Snacks Happy Baby + Once Upon A Farm - Snacks are the best for airplane rides. Ash loves feeding himself these Happy Baby crackers on the airplane (cheap entertainment), and grabbing the yogurt melts. Bonus, they are pretty mess free so you dont have to worry about them smearing everything all over their face. Another favorite airplane snack are the food pouches by Once Upon a Farm. All of their pouches are recyclable (eco friendly!) and cold pressed! I usually take one out of the freezer and it is the perfect temp by the time we get through security and up in the air. He literally gobbles these things up and the ingredient list is spot on. And being a millennial mama, I love just about anything that I can subscribe to and they offer a subscription and deliver straight to your door! Also, TSA lets you bring formula or breastmilk through security so dont worry about that..they usually just quickly test it and send you on your way!


Little Unicorn Swaddle Blanket - These are my favorite swaddles. I love everything about them - they are the perfect size, weight and can be used for anything. I put it down on the floor by my feet and set Ash on top of it so he can have a little bit of personal space or I will drape it over his head while he naps to keep distractions to a minimum.

Boogie wipes - well….boogies are real and babies can’t blow their nose.


Honest company diapers + travel wipes - My favorite diapers and wipes! Bring a few extra!! And again, their subscription service is the best - diapers delivered to your door...whats not to love?!


Toys - I always try to bring several toys on the plane but dont want to get stuck lugging too many around. I try to pick a few of our favorites, but mix them up so he doesnt get too bored. Luckily airplanes are full of interesting things...I think we spent 20 minutes looking through the safety information card!


Tylenol - we don’t leave the house without never know when a cold or teething pain can start up! Also, airplanes can be tough on their little ears so this can help with that pain (if it happens).

Cleaning Wipes - I am definitely a clean freak and know that airplanes are FULL of germs. Upon boarding the plane, I usually wipe down our seat, armrests and tray table with these Clorox wipes. Also, if Ash drops a toy on the ground, I can quickly pick it up and wipe it down before giving it back to him. We also have these paci wipes because they always seem to be on the floor.


There you have it - an inside look into our diaper back post trip! I hope this helped you or gave you a few ideas. Ash does not watch TV so we spend a lot of time entertaining him on the plane but these items definitely help keep him happy! Dont forget to walk the aisle and say hi to the flight attendants….and maybe indulge in a glass of wine when you get off the airplane!


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