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Hey Sydney! I love that you're a self-defined people person. How did you get into event planning?

Oh gosh this could be a little long.... I grew up with the most involved mom ever and everyone always wanted her help with party planning or raising money for a lot of the nonprofits. So ofcourse I didn't want to be anything like my mom and I went to makeup school. I then traveled and worked on a few tv shows doing makeup. While doing that I always seemed to help my friends and the crew throw parties and enjoyed it more than makeup. I moved back home and left the crazy life of a makeup artist and went back to school to get my undergrad done and worked for the University of Redlands as the Event Coordinator! It was awesome I loved it but I didn't love having a boss. My good friend Jacqui was doing events for PBS and a lot of their marking and one day we just decided we could be our own bosses and make our own hours!! Six months later we both left our jobs and made  Cross + Swan our full time job!! A little more about our business the name Cross + Swan are actually our grandmothers maiden names. Cross is Jacqui's grandmothers name and  Swan is my grandmothers name. They both told us and still do to this day to earn your own money and be able to support a family without a man. Both of our grandmothers lived and are still living life the the fullest at the age of 85!

That sounds so fun, and so busy! At what point did you meet your hubby and start a family? (And how the h*ll did you have time?!)

I met my husband over 2 years ago at hot yoga hahahaha. I went up to him, I was on a new thing in life just going for it and after class I went up to him and asked for his number and he gave it to me!  We went to dinner and spent 5 straight days together it was crazy! I knew he was the one! after our first date I event called one of my friends and said " I met my match and this is not a joke! " 6 months down the road and I was like what is wrong with me why am I gaining weight!!! I worked out like a crazy person! I took a pregnancy test even knowing with an IUD this could not happen!! Well, it happened to me!! I didn't find out I was pregnant till I was 20 weeks! I told my Husband who was still my boyfriend and he was seriously amazing and completely stepped up. We had been talking about marriage a lot and even picked rings out. He proposed a few weeks later and we got married with just family there. during all this craziness I was running my business planning weddings and a events I still don't know how I was doing it all! 9 weeks later I went to Pennsylvania for my grandmother funeral with my mom after being there for a few hours I knew something was wrong. I called my doctors and they said its just Braxton hicks contractions. After 8 hours I went to the hospital and I was 3 centimeters dilated. They literally tried everything to stop the contractions but they wouldn't stop! My husband and my dad got on the soonest flight. After a very horrible 24 hours of them trying to stop contractions My little man Leif Vincent Erickson joined the world 10 minutes before my grandmother service at 9:26AM. We lived in Pennsylvania for a month while my husband and I both worked from the NICU. Thank goodness for a business partner who ran weddings while I was on the other side of the country. We came home on a medical jet and I immediately went back to work! With my little one I took with me to all meetings strapped to my chest during weddings my husband would bring him for a quick visit while setting up! My baby Leif is the most amazing little boy and has become such a great side kick! He's 18month and he's the best traveler also! To this day I don't know how I do it!! Hahaha a lot of coffee an amazing husband who always supports me and the most incredible family who help all the time! I honestly Love the hustle and always wanna start more businesses help friends with business and do it all! 

And you're a fellow wine enthusiast. Since you're based in California, do you drink a lot of Sonoma and Napa valley wines?

I love Napa Valley wines!! I drive up to Napa at least once a year with my family and always bring back a case wine! #sorrynotsorry

What tricks can you share with us about balancing your business, your personal needs, and motherhood?

Ohh gosh this is kinda a hard one and Im still learning everyday as my little one becomes so active and I become busier with business. I have to say being organized and writing everything down helps me!! I have a giant calendar in my house with everyones activities in different colors and I have things scheduled out already for next year on it lol. I also make sure on this big  calendar of mine I write in mama time to just go on a walk by myself or get a massage.


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