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Hi Mada! You live with your hubby and daughter in Dallas. Have you always lived there?

Pretty much! My husband and I are actually both from the same small town about an hour north of Dallas – we were high school sweethearts! After college, we moved back to Dallas and have been here for about 5 years. We love Dallas, especially because we are so close to both our families. 

When did you decide to start the blog, and how did you choose what topics to focus on?

I've always had a passion for nontoxic living, natural skin care, and living as holistically as possible. In fact, before I got pregnant, it was my job! I was a personal trainer and Pilates instructor in Dallas, so health was a part of my every day life (literally). Especially after I started training, I naturally started to notice that friends and family were coming to me for all things health related. Once I found out I was pregnant, I started doing even more healthy-living research, so I wanted an outlet to share all the amazing products and information I was finding. I knew then motherhood would play a huge part in the blog I wanted to create, given that’s where most of my research was focused.

I launched the blog when Temple was about 2 months old (about 6 months ago), and I love the community I've built so far. My blog has organically grown with motherhood at its core, but I would consider it to be a little broader than your average mommy blog – it’s really more "lifestyle" related.

I do A LOT of research on the topics I choose to write about, and most of my blog posts are super detailed. Everything from my non-toxic skin care and makeup routines, to what’s on Temple’s menu, to why I drink celery juice every morning – there are TONS of fun topics to cover, whether you’re a mom yet or not!

Is it a challenge keeping up with Temple, and blogging, and everything else?

ABSOLUTELY, but it’s so much fun, too! Having this blog as a creative outlet to share what I’m most passionate about has been a blast. I am home with Temple, but I also have the opportunity to share our day-to-day with my community. It forces me to be super organized and prioritize. Taking care of Temple obviously always comes first, but when naptime comes, it’s time to work on content, take photos, or maybe just eat lunch in peace!!

It can be a lot sometimes, but it’s so worth it. I’ve seen women open up to me about their fertility journeys, watched them switch to natural skin care products, and opened their eyes to natural birth. Knowing that I’ve had a positive impact on even one person makes me so grateful to have started!

Sometimes as mamas can be doing everything for our families while forgetting to anything for ourselves. For me, that’s where my blog comes in. It’s a place to be creative and do something for me! I think all mamas should challenge themselves to find something just for them, even if that’s a monthly facial or a weekly workout class!

For other aspirational mom bloggers, what advice would you give?

GO FOR IT! I had my blog ready to launch for about four months before it actually went live, but my fear of putting myself out there held me back. You will never be completely ready, but if you feel that you have something to share then do it! I have mamas message me saying they are scared of what their friends or family will think if they start a blog. The people that truly care about you will support you! They will see the happiness it brings you and that’s what really matters.

My other piece of advice is to be consistent once you start, and to not worry about “the numbers.” Starting a blog and building a community takes time. But, if you are being genuine and offering people something they can learn and benefit from, you will grow organically!


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