5 Tips On How To Travel (and sleep) With Kids

We've partnered with certified Infant and Toddler sleep consultant, Christie Hofer, at Littles Sleep to bring you amazingly helpful tips on how to get your littles to sleep soundly on-the-go.


A promise my partner and I made when we found out I was pregnant, was to continue our adventures once our baby arrived and that included traveling. We told each other that we weren't going to stop going places just because we were going to have a baby. Throughout my pregnancy, we were able to remain somewhat active and I started looking forward to including our baby on these adventures. 

Fast forward to the arrival of our babes, I quickly realized the importance of sleep for both our baby and our family. I remember thinking, "oh shit; now how do we keep doing the fun stuff with a baby?" 

Being an infant and toddler sleep consultant, but also not being a fan (at all) of any type of strict schedules, I struggled with the idea of being able to keep doing what I love. Well, I am here to confidently say that it is very much possible. Heck, living in a tiny, one bedroom condo with a baby is the equivalent of living out of a suitcase, right? We make it work, regardless. 

My 5 recommended tips include...

1) As a parent myself, this is a very important piece. STRESS LESS. Worrying about your littles proper nap times, and how you're going to feed your infant while doing lots of driving is absolutely normal. The list goes on. Chances are when you actively stress over all of the above, you may not be able to keep a positive attitude. Traveling is an adventure. Let’s keep it that way for both you and your children. If you find yourself starting to feel anxious while traveling, check in with your emotions and validate your feelings. 

2) Pre-plan your sleeping conditions. Rent, request, or pack your own. Most hotels have small cribs/ pack and plays that you can request, but always call in advance to book yours. A couple of times we called in advance to reserve a crib and they were all booked out. Parents traveling to America, please check out FlyBaby (serving Canada soon), this is an easy and CONVENIENT way to be fully prepared at ALL times, and more importantly, they do the work for you! No more packing bulky items (subscribe to my blogs for a future post on the amazing FlyBaby - this is literally life changing). 
3) Room share like a pro! (Back to our tiny one bedroom condo, this is VERY possible). Chances are you will have to change up your room set-up compared to your home one which is fine. Your white noise machine or app will be key here. In terms of naps, try to stick to your littles regular nap schedule as closely as you can; however, do not worry if their naps take place in a stroller or in a car. As long as they get their naps in on the go, that is all that matters. 
4) Don't forget to pack your littles essential sleep accessories. Do your children have a favorite teddy bear, white noise, soother, bed time book, or blanket? These are all familiar, comfort objects that help soothe your little ones; especially when they're over stimulated or tired. You want their sleep environment to be similar to the one at home. 
5) Catch up on sleep before traveling. Ensure that you have a couple of slow-paced and relaxed days prior to leaving. Make sure your little ones naps and bedtime routines are happening like clockwork. Their naps should be in their quiet, regular sleep space. This will allow your children to be well-rested before you set out on your adventure. 

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