What is a WAHM?

WAHM, or Work at Home Mom, is the new black.  And the trend makes total sense.


Increasingly, technology has enabled the former SAHM (Stay at Home Mom, get it?) crowd to hop online during naptime and after school drop-offs, creating a wave of mommy-bloggers and handmade goods sellers.  On the flip side, career minded moms are demanding telecommuting and flex-schedule options, enabling them to work part-time at home. In fact, there are 10.1 million women-owned businesses in the United States, says the Center for Women's Business Research, a record high number that’s largely been influenced by blurring the line between the SAHM and the Working Mom.

At FlyBaby, we LOVE empowering women to be WAHM’s, and we understand that has a different meaning for everyone.  That’s why we’ve designed our local partner program to be super flexible for all moms wanting to earn cash by rent out baby gear.

The extra cash, side-hustle mom.

This side-hustle is great for moms who just want a little extra income, because you can get started without spending ANY cash up front.  Just look around for gently used baby gear that you no longer need, and list it with FlyBaby for rent. FlyBaby will handle all the marketing, so you can sit back and wait for orders. Just deliver the gear locally in your town, baby in tow, and you’ll be helping other moms AND earning extra dough.

The incredibly busy mom.

Attached to a breast pump or a hungry baby? Running to 2 different schools for drop-off AND ballet? We feel you, and we can help.  Our partners control their availability online, blocking off any days they aren’t free to make a FlyBaby delivery. It’s a perk of being your own boss! Additionally, partners can set their own delivery radius, choosing how far (or not) they are willing to drive… 5 miles, 50 miles, or whatever works for you!

The momtrepreneur.

Some moms decide to invest in additional gear, and grow their FlyBaby into a thriving small business.  For example, one local partner has SIX foldable cribs that she rents out regularly, and is thinking about buying more! She works with local hotels and AirBnb hosts, to make sure their guests book her gear on FlyBaby. This is a great option as your kiddo gets older, and you want to dedicate a little more time, and make A LOT more income!


Questions about our local partner program?  Learn more or DM us on Instagram!


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