Crib to toddler bed - what now?

Your little escape artist finally outgrew his crib, and you’re ready to transition to a toddler bed.  After you’ve chosen the bed, setup the safety rails, and decorated with familiar toys and blankets, your not-so-little one is ready to make the move.  But what do you do with the crib?

Rent it out.

Whether you’re saving your crib for baby #2, or just not quite ready to let it go, listing your gently loved baby gear for rent with FlyBaby is a great solution. Don’t let that crib collect dust in your attic- put it to work!  FlyBaby will handle all the marketing, so you can sit back and wait for orders. Just deliver the gear locally in your town, and you’ll be helping other moms AND earning extra dough.

You can also list your bassinet, infant bathtub, bouncy seat, and anything else your baby no longer needs. It’s eco-friendly, mom-friendly, and a great way to earn a little extra cash.

Donate it.

There are so many women in need, and you could make a huge difference.  

Search online for local women’s shelters to help a mother in a tough situation, or work through your local religious community to find the less obvious moms in need. You’ll be amazed to learn that people you see causally every week might might be the most appreciative of a little help.

FlyBaby strongly advocates keeping it local, and giving back to your community.


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