3 Work from Home side hustles for moms

We all love those lazy afternoons at home, taking in the baby snuggles and getting some QT in with your little.  But sometimes new moms can miss parts of having a career... adult conversation, financial flexibility, an excuse to wear makeup.  Whether you’re on mat leave or a full time SAHM, FlyBaby wants to empower women to get a little mojo back. Here are our top 3 side hustles for moms- no childcare required!

Be an Etsy seller.

Are you crafty? I’ll give someone $100 right now to make one of those cool Macramé wall hangers I keep seeing on Instagram!  If you’re lucky enough to be talented with knitting, ceramics, or painting… try listing your items for sale on Etsy! They make it super easy to signup, manage your items, and with minimal fees. Plus you’ll feel amazing after tapping into your creative side everyday during naptime.

Rent out baby gear to traveling families.

This side-hustle is great for new moms, because you can get started without spending ANY cash up front.  Just look around for gently used baby gear that you no longer need, and list it with FlyBaby for rent. FlyBaby will handle all the marketing, so you can sit back and wait for orders. Just deliver the gear locally in your town, baby in tow, and you’ll be helping other moms AND earning extra dough.

Want more? Some moms decide to invest in additional gear, and turn FlyBaby into a full small business.  For example, one local partner has SIX foldable cribs that she rents out, and is thinking about buying more! A great option as your baby gets older, and you want to take on a little more. Check it out.

Low key babysitting, or as I like to call it, kidshare.

Do you love morning spin class, but can’t find someone to pop by for an hour? Arrange a kidshare with your girlfriend who loves afternoon yoga! This is a great way to help out other moms in your community, and earn some cash or time in return. This is also a great way to secure date night help… find a friend and alternate weekends!


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