Give your kiddo a new book for Easter & pour yourself a glass of wine!

Easter is undoubtedly a fun holiday for kids. The colors, the treats, the bunnies! It's almost like the occasion was designed for the little people of the world.  

For a mom, the experience can be a little more stressful. Between orchestrating egg hunts, cooking Easter dinner, and making sure the kids don't eat all their chocolate in one sitting, the long weekend can start to feel long in the wrong way. 

Which is why a new book or two might be just the thing to help occupy your kiddo's time. To that end, we've put together five of our favorite Easter themed stories to while away those long holiday hours. Our picks are full of color and bold illustrations, so you might even have time for a glass of wine while your little "oohs and ahhs" over all the pretty pictures. 

1. Pete the Cat – Big Easter Adventure by James Dean

Pete the Cat is one of our all-time favorite series of books for kids. In this edition, Pete, a groovy little cat who gets up to all sorts of adventures, sets out to help the Easter Bunny deliver eggs in time for Easter! Musical text paired with brightly colored pictures, make this book an engaging read even for the extra littles. 

2. Happy Easter Mouse by Laura Numeroff  

Another Easter edition from a popular series of kids' books, join Mouse from If you Give a Mouse a Cookie as he embarks on an investigation to uncover who is leaving Easter eggs all over his house. Perfect for your kid's inaugural Easter, this adorable board book doubles as a simple introduction to colors and counting.  

3. Owen's Marshmallow Chick by Kevin Henkes  

This simple board book featuring Owen the mouse features a delightful plot paired with brightly colored illustrations. Owen goes through all his Easter treats naming them "my favorite" one by one. However, he might just have a most favorite in the end. Suited to kids young and old, this read counts among our most favorites.  

4. Here Comes the Easter Cat by Deborah Underwood

This one is a real riot. A rather grumpy cat reveals that he wants to take the Easter Bunny's place! Imagine his owner's surprise at this unlikely ambition. Cat communicates with his owner through hand-drawn signs, which you and your kid will have a blast deciphering. Fun for all ages and cute to boot, Easter Bunny make way for the Easter Cat! 

5. Tiny the Texas Easter Bunny by Eric James  

Tiny, you guessed it, isn't tiny at all. He's an elephant who discovers his bunny friend, Fluff in a bind, and takes it upon himself to deliver Easter eggs for him. This book is endearing, with its city themed rhymes, and there are over 60 regional versions of this story available to read. Chances are you can find Tiny in a story near you. 

Wishing you and your little loves a happy long weekend (and happy reading)!  

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