3 Tips for Working at Home

When I first started working from home, I did not yet have a baby and I found it incredibly tough to focus. I quickly taught myself tips to help me focus when I needed to so I could stay productive and get it done. I thought that adding a baby into the mix at home would be a piece of cake but i was wrong….it added a whole new layer of distraction and a ton of work to my plate.

Since you are probably already a mama, you already know how to keep little humans alive and well. That itself is a job with many duties. You are cooking, cleaning, bathing, feeding, entertaining, etc. I think I could go on forever and ever listing the things us mamas do each and everyday but I will spare you since you probably already know. Below are a few tips to help make you even more productive while you are trying to focus.

Utilize naptime

I know this one sounds obvious, but it really is amazing how much you can get done in an hour of uninterrupted time. I often find myself wanting to curl up on the couch and watch the latest episode of Real Housewives (yep..guilty) and just relax on the couch, but I usually end up knocking out whatever bit of work I can. It really makes me feel more accomplished to check things off of my list during the day so I can enjoy a little R+R with my hubby in the evening.

Ask for help when you need it….seriously

I tell this to new mamas all the time...being a mom is time consuming. If you are trying to get something done, ask a family member, a close friend, or hire a babysitter (yes...really! I do it all the time!) to come in for an hour or two. It can make a huge difference to go to a coffee shop, sit down, enjoy a nice cup of coffee and focus. It also will make you feel less stressed, giving you more quality time to spend with your little ones.

Find the right side hustle

This is so, so important! Iit is super important to find one that works with your schedule...especially if you have little ones at home. Finding the right gig can help you succeed. You wouldn’t want to find something that requires all of your attention for hours per day, leaving the littles fending for themselves. This is why FlyBaby is the perfect side hustle for a mom. You can work when you want, where you want and it requires very little time on a day to day basis. Just stay on top of your calendar and deliveries and you are in business (literally).

I hope this helps! I know as a new mom and business owner it can all feel a little overwhelming but you really can do it all. One of our goals is to empower other moms and help them support their families so we are passionate about helping you get going. What is stopping you now?


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