3 Must-Have Apps for Moms (FlyBaby not included!)

That oldest and most revered of professions, "Momhood", hasn't always been an easy one. Well, let's face it, it still isn't. Caring for a little human life takes dedication, patience, caring, hard-work, and a superhuman ability to function on a fraction of the recommended number of hours of sleep! 

Luckily, times are such that moms have more resources available to them than ever before. Technology has changed the way we do so many things, and moms are no exception. Nowadays, mom blogs are a well-established way to make an income, share parenting tips, trade recipes, and more. The communities of moms that exist online are so amazing in the support they offer each other, not to mention the income opportunities. 

In recent years, the online movement has evolved into an "online and on your phone" movement, as more and more people are connecting through mobile devices. With this shift, apps have become the go-to method of doing everything from banking to learning a new language (to renting baby gear)! For moms, apps can be a valuable tool to slip into the back pocket of that trendy Ergobaby bag.  

Here are some of our favorite free apps, for moms balancing the busy business of parenthood: 

Little Peanut on the Go – The lady who created this app is our kind of thinker! Little Peanut on the Go helps mamas stay organized through to-do-lists, childcare schedules, and sharing of emergency contact information. Now you can enjoy date-night out knowing the sitter has everything they need to keep baby happy. Win, win.  

Hey! Vina – Organization is invaluable of course, but this app takes a fresh approach to helping mamas, by providing a place for local moms to connect. Maybe you're new to town, or maybe you could use some new friends close to home, whatever the reason may be, Hey! Vina gives you a place to connect with moms in your area.  

Playground Buddy – The premise of this little gem of an app is simple: need a place to play? Playground Buddy can help! The app locates nearby playgrounds, gives you directions, allows you to save your favorites and share the details with your friends on the app when you find a real sweet spot!  

It's a wonderful time in the world to be a mama. There are so many new tools available out there in the world to help you on your path to total mom domination. At FlyBaby, we love apps, and we think they can be amazingly helpful for moms everywhere... Yes, we are totally bias. No, that does not make us wrong!  

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