3 Easy Tricks to Kick that Easter Chocolate Hangover

Ever heard of a chocolate hangover? With last weekend being Easter long, chances are you've got one right now... Tired, a little bit bloated but still have a hankering for something sweet and satisfying? The symptoms don't lie. Mama, you are suffering from an Easter chocolate hangover.  

And we all know that mamas really do not have time for hangovers. Your littles certainly don't suffer from hangovers of any kind yet - and they aren't going to change, feed and entertain themselves! You have too much on your plate between running errands, cooking, cleaning and keeping tiny humans alive to be low on energy and have a headache obnoxiously knocking on your front door.

But don't worry, just like a wine hangover, the less commonly known "sugar hangover" can be combatted with these three easy tricks: 

  1. Get moving – Go for a walk, take the stairs, practice yoga, whatever you do, do something, because the best way to counteract a sugar overdose is with a little physical activity. 
  2. Hydrate – Obvious right? But when you've ingested a lot of sugar, your body does this tricksy thing where it tells you you need more, when really what you need is a whole lot of water. Your continued craving for sugar is thirst in disguise, so drink up beauties! 

  3. Protein load – Start your day with a breakfast high in protein and low in carbs. Like a couple hardboiled eggs on toast with avocado slices. Sounds delicious right? The protein will keep you full, and if you moderate your carbs, your body will go grab yesterday's sugar for energy instead. Problem solved.  

At FlyBaby, we know that babies don't come with a lot of downtime, but we also know how important it is to take care of Mama. So hop to, drink up, egg-nergize... You'll have kicked that Easter chocolate hangover in no time. 

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