Happy Mama = Happy Baby

Once a year, we celebrate moms on Mother's Day. But does one celebration really cut it? Moms are the lifeblood of our societies, and the little people they make are our future. At FlyBaby, we have hella' respect for mamas everywhere, which is why we were excited to learn about one University's special tradition: Mom's Weekend. 

Since 1927, (that's 91 years!) Washington State University has held an annual Mom's Weekend in the Spring. The heart of the event is a brunch that occurs on Saturday, but since the 20s, the event has grown to include all sorts of fun activities like mini golf, laser tag, vintage markets, makeovers, special guests and performances, and, of course, a Mom of the Year Award. A ton of other universities have followed suit by dedicating one weekend per year to Moms. 

Over here at FlyBaby HQ, we love the idea of celebrating mamas more than once. As women who carry, birth, feed, clothe, and care for little humans, you certainly deserve as much! The level of dedication required to keep your littles happy every single day ought to be recognized and celebrated.  

But to do right by your babies, you also have to do right by yourself! It goes both ways: happy baby = happy mama... but also happy mama = happy baby. Every once in a while, carving out some "you" time is oh so important. Call the sitter and take yourself out for a massage and a mimosa or treat yourself to those thousand thread count sheets you've been coveting. After all, you are Mom, and you deserve it.  

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