What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day 

The secret is out. Search this one simple sentence on google, "What moms really want for Mother's Day", and you will be rewarded with a slew of humorous mom-authored articles expressing the overwhelming opinion that what moms really want, for ONE day a year, is:  

  • to sleep in (as long as they please). 

  • to relax (all day long).  

  • to enjoy a steaming hot shower or bath (totally uninterrupted). 

  • to read a good book (to herself). 

  • to watch a tv show (without animated characters). 

  • to be treated to a massage/mani/pedi at the spa (in blissful silence). 

  • and a glass (bottle...) of wine at their leisure. 

We cross-referenced many mama sites and found the above to be the most common themes. The good news is these experiences are relatively easy to gift and you might just get your wish. What's trickier for dad and co is figuring out what kind of material gifts you would most appreciate as a compliment to the delightful treats of sleep and space.  

Flowers? Sure, most ladies like flowers... But a more inspired list might look something like this: 

  • a reader, tablet or iPad—something that will be just for her (no kids game downloads allowed!) and that she can make use of right away on her special day. 

  • a phenomenally soft, fluffy white robe, that she can luxuriate in post shower/bath/spa and feel just like she's at the four seasons hotel.  

  • a high-quality set of wireless headphones, so she can easily listen to her tunes handsfree (because let's face it, her hands are usually full). 

  • an essential oil diffuser with lots of delicious scents to choose from— why not bring the spa to her? 

  • a fancy wide-brimmed hat, so she can feel like a royal whether she's out playing in the sun with her littles or taking a stroll through the park.  

  • a subscription for audiobooks or Spotify (a perfect pairing with the aforementioned headphones), so she can stock up on all her favs. 

  • and perhaps, (with a little help from FlyBaby) a weekend getaway! 

And from the littles: 

  • coupons! A classic gift that never goes out of style, make mama some coupons for all the things she enjoyed on Mother's Day: a sleep in, an uninterrupted bubble bath, an hour of peace to read a book/watch a show, a massage, a beverage of her choice... After all, why not carry a little Mother's Day into the rest of the year? 

Did we miss anything? What do you want for Mother's Day? Tell us what your ideal mom's day gifts are in the comments below! (Then make sure to share with your man... hint, HINT) 

If a weekend getaway ends up being the winner, make sure you opt out of the stress of packing all your baby gear to go... Rent whatever you need to make your destination baby friendly through FlyBaby!  




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