Why rent baby gear for your next family trip?

FlyBaby was born from a desire to make travel accessible for families. It was born from co-founder Kate's very real-life experience of attempting to wrangle five too many bags and a pack n' play onto a plane with her baby... A veritable logistic nightmare, where suddenly her and her husband became "those people". There had to be a better way. And there is! 

Renting baby gear solves the family packing problem beautifully. But the benefits of renting baby gear while traveling are not limited to luggage concerns... 

Why rent baby gear on your next trip? Here's why: 

1. Environmentally Friendly  

A lot of families end up buying cheap disposable gear at their destination instead of bringing it along. Things like bottle warmers, that are awkward to fit in a suitcase, get left behind in favor of buying an inexpensive one on arrival. Inevitably, that piece of plastic gear is abandoned at the hotel and then finds its way to the dumpster. Not so great for the environment or your wallet, but what other option did you have? Avoid that guilt and extra spend by renting what you need instead.  

2. Skip the Baggage Line  

Do you remember traveling pre-baby — breezing by the lengthy baggage check line, proudly rolling your one piece of compact carry-on behind you? Saving yourself an extra hour of standing in line twiddling your thumbs, by being a savvy light-weight traveler? These days don't have to be over! You can still travel with a reasonable amount of luggage post-baby. How? You guessed it. Rent it.  

3. Cut Costs  

It used to be you could check all your bags for no extra cost. The beginning of the millennial generation will remember these days fondly. At the time, you also had free meals, beverages, blankets, headphones... Now, you pay for everything. Every piece of luggage you check will cost you, and luggage fees seem to increase daily. Cut those costs by cutting the extra bags. 
Renting baby gear at your destination, instead of checking it, ultimately helps you save money.  

4. Stress-free  

Knowing that you don't have to worry about the logistics of packing all your baby gear will go a long way to alleviate the stress of embarking on a trip with baby. Knowing that the airport won't be a nightmare, will also ease those stress levels. When you get to your destination, and all the baby gear you need is waiting for you, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, put baby down for the night in his/her full-size high-quality crib and enjoy a much-deserved glass of wine after a long day on the road!  

5. Support Local Moms  

When you rent baby gear through FlyBaby, you are supporting our amazing community of mom partners looking to make a supplementary income. By renting gear, you are saving yourself stress and money — which is awesome, yes. But more than that, you are empowering local moms to have their own side business and to better support their families. Women empowering women. That's the FlyBaby business model.  


FlyBaby offers a wide variety of high-quality, modern baby equipment for rent in cities across North America. When you rent baby gear through FlyBaby, you are part of a movement of women finding solutions for modern day motherhood through tech, community, and shared ingenuity. Try it and rediscover your wanderlust — this time with baby. 

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