3 Tips to Make that Visit to Grandma's Go Smoothly

We've talked about how to travel (and sleep) with kids, and shared tips on what to bring and how to travel long-haul flights with babies. Now, we're tackling tips for baby's most common first trip... A visit to grandma and grandpas!  

So, you've successfully brought a tiny human being into the world. Your own parents are over the moon and can't wait to meet their new little angel. The thing is, they live a five-hour drive/flight away, and the logistics involved in accomplishing that trip are a touch stressful. As is the prospect of taking care of baby in a new environment, without access to all the things you've carefully surrounded your baby with at home.  

Never fear! Taking that first trip to grandma's house doesn't have to be all stress and no rest. In fact, with a little planning and ingenuity, you and your husband will get to kick-back and relax while gran and gramps fawn over little Timmy or Tammy.  

Here are three tips to make your visit go smooth as a baby's...  

  1. Familiarity – For a baby, familiarity is everything. When things feel familiar, they feel safe. That's Baby 101. So, how to make a strange new place and faces feel familiar? If you can, arrange regular video calls with gran and gramps before the visit. Make sure your mom or dad gets lots of facetime with baby prior to the visit, so that your little can get used to the sound of their voice and seeing their face. Having grandma sing baby a lullaby before bed, or gramps read baby a story through Skype, will go a long way towards making your little feel safe and secure when it comes to the real deal. To that end, make sure you pack your baby's favorite bedtime blankie/plushie/nightlight. These items will all contribute to that feeling of familiarity that will help baby sleep soundly through the night. 

  2. Send Gran/Gramps a Cheat Sheet – Set the stage for baby prior to visiting. We all know how grandparents love to spoil their grandchildren, and sometimes this can end up being a point of contention. So, don't risk it! Make sure they are clear on what baby can and cannot have before you get there by sending them a friendly list of baby approved toys, materials and foods. Note any allergies or sensitivities your baby has, as well as any special requirements for things like soap and snacks. This way, you won't have to pack absolutely everything. Let gran and gramps pick up some baby shampoo at the store and save yourself the carry-on.  

  3. Rent baby gear through FlyBaby – Speaking of packing absolutely everything... You don't need to pack your bulky baby gear either! Leave the Pack 'n Play and the stroller at home where they belong and save yourself the headache of trying to fit everything in the trunk of the car or in your luggage for the plane. With FlyBaby, you can rent all the baby gear you will need while away. Simply browse listings for your destination, enter your travel dates and book your baby gear rentals instantly. A local partner will deliver your selections right to grandma's house, so everything will be  set for baby as soon as you arrive!  

We hope you feel ready now (at least, as you'll ever be...) to visit the in-laws/baby's gran and gramps! 

If you're interested in renting baby gear instead of packing it, download FlyBaby here and find everything you need to make your destination baby friendly!   


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