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Alexandra, can you tell us a little about your life and family in Romania?

Right now I would say that my life resembles a movie in which my role is superwoman. Dragos is my 10 month old son, who everyday grows under our very eyes. Vlad, my husband, is a very supportive and understanding guy, especially when it comes to my ideas. I work various decorative crafts of small and larger size (particularly larger), and very often my workshop is the living room or the kitchen, which gets very full. To my surprise, my husband is actually really cool with all of my mess, and very often he is amazed by the final output. As an artist, the fact that he supports my free spirit and lets me do any idea that I have is amazing/It feels as if he is my partner in crime.

So about Romania, my home country,  I can say it's a beautiful place in which my artistic spirit thrives. Even if there are a lot of people that appreciate handmade art globally, there are less here than abroad. But I don't give up. I seek for the things I make to give people joy and make them smile.

I really love that you're an artist. Has your artistic style changed at all, since having a baby?

Yes, I could say my artistic style has changed in a good way. I have been seeking growth, bettering my skills and techniques, and overall the quality of my final products. Also better task management! I improvise more and more, so yeah, I feel that on the creative side I have grown a lot.

How do you go about balancing time for yourself, your art, and your family?

My creative time is when my baby is asleep during the day, or far in the night/ I take from my own sleeping time, so I have learned that I need to be more organised with the daily tasks, to make everything work out- the welfare of the home and the happiness of my family. When you have a baby, he is top priority, everything gets wrapped around him. When his first tooth came out, I would calm him with mini photoshoots. I am also a photographer and somehow we get to help each other. He smiles when he sees the camera, and I get the chance to record the best memories.

What advice can you give to mothers who want to nurture creativity in their children?

A piece of advice would be to help them bring that artistic side out for the world to see, by providing lots of moments of cheerfulness, playtime and improvisation. When kids have a creative person to interact with, sooner or later they will become creative people.


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