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Hey Amanda! You have such a sweet story- you're married to your high school sweetheart. Tell us everything.

Oh goodness, where do I start? My husband (Christopher to me, Chris to everyone else) and I have practically grown up together. Our families were great friends even before we started dating. Grew up in the same neighborhood, swam at the same community pool, etc. I (not so secretly) had a crush on him early on, but he was in high school and didn’t want to date a “middle-schooler”. Or maybe it was the braces? Can’t say I blame him. Once I finally made it to high school (longest 2 years of my life), I asked him to our winter cotillion, we started dating a month later, and the rest is history. January will make 19 years together (10 married). Fun fact: Our parents bought a vacation home together while we were dating. Good thing it worked out, huh?

You're the ultimate girl mom. Do you think your experience would be different if you had a boy?

Absolutely. But to be completely honest, I never envisioned myself having boys. I kind of thought I would always be a girl mom, I just didn’t know to how many. When we found out I was pregnant with #3, I was actually terrified of the thought that it could be boy. We do girls so well and my husband is a DREAM girl dad. Like so dang good at it.

Tell me honestly, how the heck do you take care of 3 littles and still make Instagram worthy meals?

Well…I do try and cook most nights of the week, BUT we are super busy now that school, dance, soccer, etc has started. Planning is KEY. I usually try and map out what we will eat each night of the week on Sunday or sometimes Monday when I don’t have it all together on Sunday. I write down each night with what we would like to eat along with the grocery list for each meal. This makes shopping with the girls SO much easier. I know my limit, so I stick to easy meals that I can put together quickly and don’t take long to cook. Sheet pan dinners are LIFE! And it doesn’t always work out so I’m not opposed to a Chick-fil-a drive thru or happy meal. You do what ya gotta do, you know?

Thank you so much for talking with us. Last question- what advice do you have for moms considering baby #3?

DO IT!  Hands down, do it!  It has not been a cake walk by any means.  A baby is hard whether it’s your first, third, or seventh.  It’s an adjustment for everyone and some days are harder than others, but I cannot imagine our lives without our Bennie girl.  Christopher and I always said we wanted at least two kids, but no more than three and to be honest he was good at 2.  I, was not.  I KNEW I wanted just one more and it took a bit of convincing on my part.  Our ultimate decision was made because we knew that we would never regret adding to our family, but we were afraid that we would regret NOT having a third.  Without a doubt, I know we are right where we were meant to be:  Mom and Dad to three beautiful girls.


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