Your own baby gear rental business


We're so flattered that @rosiemaxhimer shared details about how to make money as a stay at home mom.

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how it works

  1. Work with a FlyBaby coach to learn about the baby gear rental business

  2. Launch your website, Powered by FlyBaby

  3. Market your new business to traveling moms using our tips & tricks

  4. Deliver baby gear in your town and get paid instantly


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Cassie heard about FlyBaby from her fave mom blogger, and signed up the same day! We love our MOMmunity 😍

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We’d love to chat with you about FlyBaby and the baby gear rental business.

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Renting out gear on FlyBaby is SO EASY! Launch your baby gear business today with our help.

  • No upfront costs, $0 listing fees

  • One-on-one help to get you started

  • Create your own brand, set your own prices

  • We handle credit card processing (and the fees!) on your behalf

  • Tips & tricks on how to market your business

Watch Jeannie list her extra baby gear, and launched her own mom-friendly business in literally 30 seconds.

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