What is FlyBaby?

FlyBaby is a global directory of rental baby gear, powered by the smartest technology available. Our local partners list gear for rent, and FlyBaby technology allows Travelers to search by city + dates, book instantly, and pay online. Our newest offering, Powered by FlyBaby, brings this same smart technology to YOUR WEBSITE.

How does being a Partner work?

If you're a Local Partner on our traditional marketplace:

  1. List your baby gear for rent using our super simple website.
  2. Watch your inbox for new orders.
  3. Deliver your gear to traveling families, and GET PAID!

If you're a Powered by FlyBaby Partner:

  1. Signup for Powered by FlyBaby to get a custom link to your own online store.
  2. Upload your products, prices, etc in your Partner Portal
  3. Work with a FlyBaby coach to launch the online store on your own website, and get our best marketing advice.

What is the cost?

FlyBaby doesn't charge startup fees or monthly fees! We only make money when you do.

For traditional online marketplace partners, FlyBaby takes a 15-35% platform fee. Platform fees can be reduced for qualifying partners- apply here for reduced fees.

Platform fees cover:

  • digital marketing to bring you orders
  • credit card fees & instant payments
  • $500 insurance against damage/loss on each item

Powered by FlyBaby partners enjoy a super reduced fee of only 10% per transaction, and that covers your credit card fees too! Why? It's your brand, your website, and your marketing efforts. You should get to keep more of your orders!

What types of products can I rent out?

Anything baby related! You can rent out your own gently used items as a part-time side gig, or you can invest in additional items to grow your business. Here are some ideas:

  • Crib and mattress, with clean sheets
  • Strollers of all types
  • Bouncy seat or swing
  • Highchair
  • Infant bathtub
  • Bottle warmer

HINT! The most popular items are Cribs and Strollers!

Are there certain requirements for the gear that I list?

We ask that your products are clean, and in safe working condition. Always check for any factory recalls before renting out a product.

Also we strongly recommend using product images from the internet when you can! Otherwise taking a bright picture against a white background at home works too.

What types of payments do you accept from Travelers?

FlyBaby accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club. When your business's website is Powered by FlyBaby, you can accept these too! AND we cover the credit card fees.

How do I become an "official" partner?

We're so flattered that you want to make it official! All you have to do is complete your Profile in the [Partner Portal][7].

Want to launch a smart online store on your own website? Learn more and sign up at Powered by FlyBaby.

What about the cleanliness of the product?

As a Partner, one of your responsiblities is to keep the rented equipment clean and safe.

  • Wood or Plastic: wipe down entire surface with disinfectant wipes or spray.
  • Fabrics: throw these in the washing machine using a gentle cleaner, like Dreft.

How long will my product be rented?

There is no limit to the number of days a traveler can reserve gear, but typical orders are for a weekend or a week long vacation. FlyBaby will automatically manage your inventory, so you won't get double booked!

What if my products get damaged or stolen?

It rarely happens, but if it does, our Partners are insured up to $500 per item. Just submit a simple claim form as soon as you notice a problem.

Depending on the severity, we may block the traveler from the community.

Partners are independant contractors, so you are resonsible for securing an additional insurance policity if you desire one, or if your local laws require it.

How will travelers receive the gear?

As a FlyBaby Partner, you will deliver the gear to the family at their hotel, AirBnB, grandma's house, or destination of their choosing.

Good news! Partners get to choose how far (or not) you want to drive, by setting the Delivery Radius in your Partner Profile. And don't forget, you get paid to make deliveries by the mile, so bigger is better!

What if I'm not available to deliver gear?

Everyone deserves a vacation! You can manage your availability using "My Calendar" in the Partner Portal. Block off days that you are not available to make deliveries, and FlyBaby will make sure you don't have orders on those days.

Partners are asked to accept any new orders, just to confirm that you are available. Our travelers are depending on you, so its very important not to reject an order unless its an emergency. To avoid rejected orders, just keep your availability up to date in My Calendar!

How do I get paid?

Online, automatically, and securely!

Travelers will pay for their order in the FlyBaby app, so you never have to deal with cash or credit card processing. We handle that for you! At delivery, FlyBaby will automatically deduct our small platform fee from the Traveler payment, and direct depost your Payout into the account that you've setup in your Partner Profile. You get paid for the rental AND the delivery!

FYI - we partner with Stripe to process payments, becuase they are SUPER secure and safe.

Are there set prices for products and delivery?

You get to decide how to price your products! We'll always share information on what prices are working best, but ultimately this is your business and YOU get to choose! You can change pricing anytime you want, so feel free to experiment.

We pay our partners for delivery AND pickup. Delivery pricing is standard for all partners, as a per mile rate. That means the further you drive for delivery, the more you'll get paid!

COMING SOON: set your own delivery rates

You may notice that FlyBaby will run marketing promotions that allow travelers to use discount codes. (For example, 10% off a first order.) We do this to help drive business and get you more orders, and it's all handled automatically. When a discount is applied to yor order, FlyBaby also takes a reduction in our platform fee, so we're truly in this together!

What if there's a cancellation?

Travelers have up to 48 hrs after booking for a 100% refund.

Because your gear is unable to to booked by other travelers once reserved, FlyBaby ensures you are still at least partially paid. There is a 50% cancellation charge after 48 hours, and 100% chancellation charge (no refund) within 7 days of a trip.

How do taxes work for partners?

Bleh, taxes. We'll do everything we can to make this process easy! As a US company, we're required to collect certain taxpayer information, depending on your status and earnings.

  • If you earn less than $20,000 or have less than 200 orders in a year, US Partners may receive a Form 1099-MISC.
  • If you earn $20,000+ or have more than 200 orders in a year (LUCKY YOU!), we are required to send US Partners a Form 1099-K.

Partners are independent contractors, not employees of FlyBaby. It remains your responsibility to determine what amount to report as taxable income. We encourage you to consult a tax professional if you need advice on reporting your income.